5 Essential Tips For Starting Your Beauty Business At Hunter Collective

Are you ready to take the big step in your career? 

Contrary to what you think, taking the leap into the freelance world isn't as daunting as you might think!

Hunter Collective strongly believes that the benefits of collaborative working are HUGE!

We put together some top tips for you to take the plunge and take control of your career!


1 – Find THE rhythm that suits you and your clients.

Being a freelancer means you are in charge! Work around the schedule that suits you. Don’t overstretch yourself – saying yes to everything and not having a day off in weeks is not going to work. Be positive and ready for the future. Shit is getting real but that’s ok.




You’ll be surprised by how many people you know who will be able to help you out, either because they have been there and done it or know someone who has.

Putting yourself in a collaborative co-working situation will help you grow your network and you may meet people and new horizons that you would not usually meet through your natural network. Don’t be afraid to ask and make new connections.



3 – Don’t forget your Marketing strategy.

Online social platforms can help you to promote your business. Facebook and Instagram offer free marketing opportunities for beginners. Promote your splendid work, nails, hair, photo, and beauty with us. Share your brands in a professional, creative way. Choose a few platforms that communicate your style. 




4 – Get the Must-haves sorted!

Local Equipment Supply. Know the exact location and the opening times. Be prepared for your clients who can demand something extra that you don’t have in your kit.

A portable charger. Life can be full of surprises. Be 100% connected with your clients.

Insurance. For your own peace of mind and that of your clients, get insured. Hunter Collective recommends Salon Gold insurance.



5 – Be in the right space.

Having a professional base means you can promote your work in the strongest way. Becoming part of a community of creative feels safe and exciting. Giving your clients access on your terms is liberating. Build your brand and push forward. 



So take a deep breath and do it!

We cannot wait to meet you!

For info about Hunter Collective, events and community contact team@huntercollective.global

So take a deep breath and do it! We cannot wait to meet you!

Team HC