Hunter Collective Has A Treat This Week, Poppy Tallulah Kenny Is Sharing Her Tricks For Halloween.


Happy Halloween everyone! Poppy, a hair and make up artist that we admire at Hunter Collective, shares with us her tricks for how to care for your skin before you reach for your Halloween make-up, and how to protect and treat your skin after. 

Poppy give us a combination of skincare advice, product recommendations and top tips to create and remove make up whilst keeping your skin fresh and clean. 

HC: What are you using on your skin before applying layers of make-up on your face?


For a light Halloween Make-up look (glitters/eye shadows). 

P: Exactly like you’d prepare your skin for any make up, cleanse and moisturise it. Avoid the greasy products if you are going to use water base products, as the two won’t mix well, so use an Oil free moisturiser.


For a full on colorful Halloween Make up Look.

P: Moisturize your skin! Before applying layers of paints on your skin.  Some colours may stain your skin and this will act as a protective barrier. I use ‘Derma Shield’; it moisturises, nurtures and protects the skin.

Then, to apply face paints use a wet sponge or a large paintbrush. I use thin ‘Muji’ cotton buds to clean up any mistakes. 

£9.99 (50ml) on Amazon.

HC: What are the makeups brands you use to create amazing colour and bold statement results? 


P:Dust & Dance’. It is an independent online retailer for facial glitter. Amazing festival glitter and they also do special Halloween glitters. 

From £2.50 on Dust & Dance Website.

Illamasqua & Urban Decay’ for their heavily pigmented eye shadows. 

‘Snazaroo’ is a brand of classic face paint. Amazing for professionals and beginners. 

HC: How do you keep it fixed though the night? 



P: I swear by ‘Translucent Powder & Urban Decay’, the ‘all nighter setting spray’.

£23.50 on the Urban Decay Website. 

HC:  Thank you Poppy. One last thing, how do you remove your make up? 

P: For the removal of stubborn make-up such as face paint and glitter, I personally recommend to soak a cotton pad with 'Bioderma' (micellar water) to get rid of most the make. Then apply an oil based cleanser such as MAC's 'Cleanse off oil'. It will melt make up away! 

HC: One last cheeky tip from Miss Kenny? 

P: For glitter's particles that won't budge from the face, wrap masking tape around your finger and press onto the skin.

HC: Could you recommend your favorite tutorial video for Halloween make-up please?

Thank you so much to Poppy Tallulah Kenny! Check out her amazing work on her online devices,

Insta: @poppytallulah_hairandmakeup



The HC Team wishes you a spooky Halloween!

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