Bouclème, celebrating the beauty of curls

Bouclème celebrates the beauty of curly hair. Curly hair is drier and more fragile than other hair types and it requires nourishing and penetrating ingredients to help hydrate and strengthen the cuticle from the inside out.

Understanding the need of curly hair and the difficulties managing it on a daily basis, Bouclème created a range of products using pure natural actives that deliver moisture where it’s needed and that with long-term use would improve the condition of curls.

 3 simple steps system cleanse, condition, define will give you beautiful, shiny and frizz free curls.

Bouclème is conceived, created and manufactured in the United Kingdom. It is tested on real curls, never on animals! The products do not contain chemical nasties. There is a 0% policy lists ingredients you will never find in their products.

Instagram:   @boucleme

Instagram: @boucleme

What is the story behind the name? 

It was really important for the brand to have the energy of the word curls in the name but it was very difficult to trademark so Bouclème is a hybrid of the word 'curly' in French 'bouclé' and founder Michele's name.


What type of personality does Bouclème have?

The Bouclème customer is passionate about natural ingredients, the planet, wellness and wellbeing. They are empowered to be their most authentic self and therefore embrace their natural curls.They embrace self love, are confident and stylish. 

Lindsey, the Curl Whisperer, is a Curl Specialist based in London, UK. In the interview, Bouclème ask 5 quick questions, to which she gives her personal expert advice. Book an appointment with Lindsey at Hunter Collective HERE.


Talk to us about the #MasterYourCurls Episode.

#MasterYourCurls is a weekly interview series, lasting 4 weeks. The aim is to educate our audience with quick curl tips to help them care for their curls the best way.

Whilst the series is only lasting 4 weeks to begin, there is potential of progressing into a regular series in future. It features interviews with Curl Specialists who are true Bouclème gurus! 


Where can I find the Bouclème products?

Bouclème is growing fast and across the globe. The brand was born in the UK, but is now accessible in Australia, USA, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Martinique and countries worldwide if you shop with our stockists Naturisimo and Look Fantastic. You can also find Bouclème inside various stores of BeautyMART, Space NK, Planet Organic and Ricky's NYC. 


What is your next big move?

A big aim for us was to launch within the US. We have recently started a partnership with Ricky's NYC - a large chain with 5 stores across New York. We are also about to launch with Anthropologie US. Next on our list is the Middle East which we hope to fulfil in 2018. We'd also love to host more workshops with Curl Specialists, like we did at The Hunter Collective a few months ago. Education is key when it comes to curls and we're very passionate about sharing our knowledge and how to apply Bouclème for the best results. 


How did you discover Hunter Collective?

One of our best ever finds on Instagram!



Why do you think Hunter Collective is a great space for Boucleme use? What does it bring to your business?

The Hunter Collective is the perfect space for us to host workshops with our curl specialist hair stylists. With plenty of space, styling chairs and wash basins available, and even catering services, it's absolutely perfect for us. We've even used the space for filming as there is lots of natural light and fresh, clean furbishing.

We couldn't ask for a better space and the team are incredibly helpful.

Instagram:   @boucleme

Instagram: @boucleme

Thank you so much Bouclème!

Team HC



Instagram: @boucleme

Twitter: @Boucleme