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HC: Hi Kristina, what drove you to create your business? 

K: I got inspired to change career and become a makeup artist on my wedding day nearly 10 years ago now. I had such an amazing bridal makeover and the whole experience was so lovely that it struck me how much I'd love to do this as a job. I've always loved weddings and makeup so this just felt like my dream job.

HC: What was your first step to build your business?

Kristina Gasperas, Bridal Prep.

Kristina Gasperas, Bridal Prep.

K: Firstly I ensured that I got the best training possible as I knew it’d take me less time to achieve success if I did. Then for about 6 to 8 months after completing the makeup course I spent a lot of time doing makeovers for free - inviting my friends and their friends to model for me. I also did a lot of test-shoots and spent hours analysing the images to spot my mistakes and to learn from them.
Fortunately I had 3 friends getting married around the time that I was starting to work on my
website and bridal portfolio
so I offered them free bridal makeup in exchange for their portraits and, of course, valuable experience working at real weddings.

I made sure that my website and images looked great because I knew I wouldn’t have enough money to spend on marketing. I had to capture my potential clients' attention when they stumbled upon my website by creating a beautiful user experience for them.
Because I knew that my training had been excellent and I already understood the importance of
exceptional customer service
from my previous corporate role AND that I’d put in many hours of practice I felt confident that when the first paying clients arrived I would be able to provide a helpful and friendly service as well as create beautiful makeup looks.

HC: When did you realise that Kristina Gaspera Academy could become a great lifestyle for a MUA?

Kristina's hair masterclass with Lena Bogucharskaya at Hunter Collective.

Kristina's hair masterclass with Lena Bogucharskaya at Hunter Collective.

I didn't originally set out to teach but I started getting requests from budding and seasoned MUAs.
After several years of informally “training” MUAs the demand kept growing so I decided that I
needed to make it all a bit more official.
I love teaching because I feel great satisfaction in seeing my students progress and make a living from their new careers.
I’ve now added hairstyling courses as well as various masterclasses and the demand keeps growing.
I am so grateful to be in a position to teach bridal makeup artistry - something I am so passionate about.

HC: Did you ever imagine that Kristina Gasperas Academy would employ 10+ MUAs?

K: No, not at the start for sure. As my business grew I kept getting more and more enquiries that I
couldn’t do as my diary was full, about the same time I made the decision to start formally teaching makeup. When I taught students that I could see had the full package – makeup skills, personality and customer service – that’s when I decided to invite them to join my team and that’s how the K-Team was born!

HC: What would be your best advice for a new MUA to the industry?

Kristina Gasperas Academy, Prep Shoot at Hunter Collective.

Kristina Gasperas Academy, Prep Shoot at Hunter Collective.

K: In order to achieve excellence you need patience and practice.
It's very easy to give up when reaching the first hurdle or when your Inbox looks empty. Success
doesn't happen fast.
New MUAs should spend every waking moment perfecting their skills and gaining knowledge to
address every possible skill gap. They should also focus on delivering excellent customer service from the moment the client lands on their home page.
Crafting an outstanding portfolio is imperative but takes time - learning how to work with the general public, who comes in all shapes and sizes, and knowing what to do to make everyone look awesome isn’t learnt over a few weeks or months. It’s a long haul that is worth it if makeup is a true passion.
Also, importantly, learning how to make the most of on-line tools and social media are very
necessary skills to master in order to create a successful business.

Kristina Gasperas @kristinagasperasmua

HC: What is your next step for 2018?

K: There always so many next steps…
Finding more time to strategize and build my business – I love what I’ve created and I want it to
grow and grow and the prospect of this is very exciting.
Spending more time getting creative behind the camera - I love photography as much as makeup.
Continuing to educate as many makeup artists and hair stylists as possible - I really believe our
unique teaching methods are the best out there in helping others achieve their dreams.
Bring on 2018 and beyond!

Thank you so much Kristina. 

HC Team

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