Women of Power, a group designed to enlighten, encourage & edify women


HC: Hi Priscilla, what drove you to create your business ? 

P: I would say it is a combination of a lot of different things. I noticed that women, in general, were kind of forced to be against each other, a nudge to always be in competition. 

A situation actually happened to me a couple of years ago, a couple of females that I was closed to really disappointed me and for me it was like a realisation.

So I decided to create a platform that brings women in a more positive note. Somewhere we can share our skills, our stories, where women can make new friends and network


HC: What was your first step to build your business? 

P: Well, it was all about actions

So I set up a “Meet Up” group online – I literally just had my first event, it was in a pub in Aldgate East, 15 females came along and we had one of the most empowering deep honest transparent conversations that I think I ever had in my life. It was really insightful. At first, I think it was just about actually bringing people together and see how it turns out. Different ages, different races, different backgrounds. But yeah, my first step was to actually put anything together, see how it works and go with it. I wanted to make it happens. 


HC: What does the name means to you? 

P: Women of Power – I was trying to think of a name for it, asking myself questions – What could be simple but also catchy and really embody what I stand for? 

When I think about the word power it talks about strengths.

It supposes to embody a notion of strength, it supposes to push that feeling of bringing women together and being powerful together as suppose to just be separate. It doesn’t mean that to be only physically powerful but emotionally too. 


HC: You have used Hunter Collective for your events, what do you enjoy about the space? 

WOP Panel at Hunter Collective.

P: Where do I begin? So many different things. 

Number one, if we talk about the actual place itself, it’s a really light and airy open space. I’m so impressed of how quickly it can transform from being an active co-working space to be somewhere where you can hold an efficient lovely event. 

Secondly, the staff. Your team is just “first class”. Friendly open generous and really given. 

Always welcome to help me with what I am doing because you can’t do it alone… Having a space like Hunter Collective is priceless. 


HC: What would be your advices for an entrepreneur wanting to start out a business? 

P: I think you have to be really passionate with what it is you want to do. I believe a lot of people are going into things only because they like the sound of an idea or participate to an event and it’s like “oh I would like to do that too”. But it goes way beyond that for me, it goes beyond the formalities. It is also about the passion because I believe it is what keeps you going.

But also, pay great attention to details. Be your brand and be what you stand for! 

Women of Power evening panel at Hunter Collective.

HC: What is your next step with Women of Power?

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P: To establish ourselves more efficiently online with our podcast channel. We have some podcasts that should be coming out in the next 6 weeks or so. 

I want to see the brand grow, see the group grow. I want to grow Women of Power online and offline. I realised the importance of having our media platforms as active as possible

Thank you Priscilla! 

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