Business Breakfast June 2019 - Reena Dayal

Business Breakfast with Reena Dayal founder of ‘The Collaborators’.

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For this edition, we invited executive coach and leadership accelerator Reena Dayal to talk about how can you master the art and science of effortless leadership and learn to unlock your hidden creative potential.

Give us a short summary of your business and what you are up to at the moment.

I am a founder of a company called ‘The Collaborators’. This is a leadership accelerator business and I work with the Senior Executors in the corporate sector and also business owners of start ups as well as scale ups and across sectors, and I work on them being able to raise their leadership capabilities and capacity.

So I work as an executive coach, a mentor, a trainer and a consultant to accelerate the journey of leaders so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

I use various frameworks and techniques, methodologies - what stands out uniquely is that in my approach I blend Western methodologies, philosophies and techniques. Because I come from India but Iv’e also worked in the UK. I’ve worked across 26 countries, so I bring all of that together and I focus the attention on the 20% that’s going to give 80% results to leaders.


My business - I do it through one-one coaching with Senior Executors because most require the confidential space to really work with them on a really practical level. Or I do workshops for teams, and I do group coaching.

What am I doing at the moment? Apart from running my business, I’m also Chair of the Institute of Directs for Central London. My role there is to really help businesses there or being able to grow their capabilities and capacities on every aspects. Also I’m an executive coach for two companies called ‘Thrive’ and ‘Executive Coaching Consultancy’. I mentor women in Africa through Aspire and Cherie Blair Foundation. And apart from that I do a lot of amateur astronomy! It’s my passion! And I just finished writing my book! Which is going through its launch season which is quite exciting. 

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BB is building the ultimate network; how do you think your networks have impacted your business to date?

I think when you become an entrepreneur, while it gives you the freedom of choice of who you want to work with, it can also be a very lonely job per say. So therefore, I think the networks have given me the ability to have that support and a comfort zone where I can link on and interact with people about the journey that I am on and exchange notes, learn from each other which is “peer-peer” learning. That’s been one tremendous way that that's helped me out. Which I miss because I come from a corporate background. 

Many of my networks would have:

  1. Converted into clients, because once I've gotten to know them they have been like, “hey wait a minute!” I’m actually needing help in that area and then I’m like, oh maybe we should actually work together? 

  2. Some of the networks have become some of my suppliers so it’s worked the other way around. So we’ve actually collaborated with each other. 

  3. The other way that's helped me that has been quite magical, is them connecting me with other people and because I’m very selective with who I work with, chances are is that I get and become introduced to some really amazing people and this helps me to connect with a larger ecosystem and to learn from that.

    So those will be the three ways that networking has really helped me out. 

Why were you interested to host Business Breakfast?


So the first factor would be my conversation with Mirela, as I mentioned before I like to collaborate with people and choose with who I like to collaborate with. So it becomes really important for me to get to know the person and Mirela and I had this amazing conversation - creating content and energy and that itself gave me the realisation that I’ve got to do something with what she has created and being able to collaborate with her.

The second calling card for me in Business Breakfast, was the audience that you draw. I love the fact that creative entrepreneurs and freelancers actually have an edge to becoming far more powerful in the entrepreneur world than the people who work in the cooperate sector because of the innate ability and the talent that they have. Like all of us, we need that insight of how to become powerful so it’s great to be able to interact with that audience. Creative entrepreneurs and freelancers? Yeah! I want to talk to them!

Thirdly, it was part of my lone season and I’ve been actively going out and talking with people and doing talks with people so it was perfectly timed in that sense.

Why would you recommend coming along to a Business Breakfast?

First would be timing. I think to have a session on Friday morning is a great time for every entrepreneur to spend and invest on themselves, I think that is just perfect. I would advise anyone to join any Business Breakfast events - take out time and invest in yourself and your growth.

Business breakfast are amongst not more than 15 people. It’s a small scale event - that gives the ability to engage and interact with people in a really comfortable environment. So you make more meaningful connections and because it’s the start of the day, the energy is high generally amongst people with their pastries and their five coffee’s of course but to conclude, great timing and great groups for effectively interacting.

Just a side note, it’s great that I’ve experienced different type of people from different backgrounds so the diversity of the audience is huge as well, which means that the connections you will make will be so much more interesting and the fact that diversity brings in a lot of strength.

What are your highlights or take away points of your Business Breakfast experience? Name 3.

  1. Space - I think the space is great. The work that has been done by this organisation is fantastic, I love the concept and the natural lighting and it’s just an amazing space.

  2. The energy in room. From the people and the conversations. They have all been engaged, they have really thought about the topics and interacted so well. You can see that they were really participating and for me as a coach, that was an amazing feeling to have.

  3. The people I’ve met. I have met some great people today that I may not have met in my day to day life. So I’m blessed and grateful about that!

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