Business Breakfast July 2019 - Stephanie Melodia

Business Breakfast with Stephanie Melodia

Founder & Director of ‘Bloom’.

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For this edition, we invited the Founder & Director of startup marketing agency, Bloom, Stephanie Melodia, to help guests gain clarity on the fuzzy area of marketing, uncover the important fundamentals, and provide them with helpful tips and insights to take their businesses to the next level.


Give us a short summary of your business and what you are up to at the moment.

I run Bloom, a startup marketing agency focused on supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and young ambitious companies in taking the next step in their exciting growth journey. We take an integrated and therefore media-agnostic approach, meaning we keep our eyes on the big picture and focused on what creativity or marketing activity can truly impact your business.


BB is building the ultimate network; how do you think your networks have impacted your business to date?

My networks have been invaluable in business. People buy into other people, so it’s such an important tool when you’re trying to develop and grow your own company. I am thrilled that BB is building the ultimate network - can’t wait!

Why were you interested to host Business Breakfast?

I love what BB is doing and am passionate about the community it supports. My background in marketing, creativity, production, and technology has had the common thread of beauty and fashion throughout, so very relevant to my target audience.


Why would you recommend coming along to a Business Breakfast?

The Business Breakfast is a great way to meet amazing people who are doing interesting things, as well as learning from the revolving experts delivering the sessions. The space is lovely too and the brekkie is a Bruce-y Bonus! ;)

What are your highlights/take away points from the Business Breakfast experience? Please name three.

Great people, engaged audience, nice air-conditioned space on a boiling hot day!!

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Stephanie for hosting July’s Business Breakfast. Stay connected with Stephanie on her socials to find out what she’s up to:

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