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lacey hunter felton                                            


The dreamer behind Hunter Collective, Lacey has been working on the concept since 2016. Lacey is a passionate hairdresser who is working with clients and brands from all over the world. HC evolved not only from a personal need, but from a desire to shake up an industry.


Camille rauzy 

Graduated with a BA in Advertising and starting a short course of Event Management at City University, Camille left her career in hospitality to enter in the world of marketing and social media. She believes that Hunter Collective is an unique concept that revolutionizes the freelance dynamic. 

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Murphy is Nico's 18 month old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is the official HC mascot. When not chasing squirrels, he is usually found curled up under the desk.


Nico bonfiglioli                                               



Tempted by the lure of a promising young startup and the ability to take his dog to work, Nico took a break from a career in Commodities to help Lacey get Hunter Collective off the ground. Seeing the industry from an outsiders perspective has helped to refine the vison and long term strategy for HC.

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Karoline Bru


Karoline is the newest member of the HC team. She is originally from Norway but has lived and worked in London the past 3 years, specialising in Event Management. With a Bachelor in Communication and Journalism from NYC, she wishes to further develop HC by introducing more corporate brands.