"How does it work?" 

After joining, the space is yours whenever you need it! Your client books in directly online on the HC booking platform according to the calendar you set. 

"How much does it cost me?"

There is no commission and no hidden fees at Hunter Collective. You purchase a membership (the cost of the memberships varies, find more details about prices and facilities in the Membership Section in our menu) and you charge your client the amount you wish. For example: if you charge £100 for a haircut and it takes you 1 hour, that's £80 in your pocket and £20 for the chair.

"How long do I have to join for?"

Hunter Collective has a rolling monthly membership, we try to be as flexible as we can! If you decide to take a month off for any reasons, you can! 

"What products are at Hunter Collective?" 

HC is brand neutral, use whatever products you feel most comfortable with. We have MALIN+GOETZ on the backwash but feel free to bring your own. We have storage areas to keep your materials here if you decide to leave it overnight.

"What about my clients?"

Your client will follow you. Hunter Collective is conceived to adapt any type of creative businesses. The 2000 sqft space is yours, your own personal salon and studio.

"What about payments?"

By direct debit or by card for everything. And what about the clients? It is your call! Your client, your way. We are more than happy to help you too, we can process via the Paypal card reader and send it straight to you.

Have we missed a question? Or would you like to have a tour of HC and meet the team?